The Pokémon League is the organization that sponsers the competitions for Pokémon Trainers.

There are six leagues hosted by the Pokémon League, the Indigo League for Kanto, the Orange League for the Orange Archipelago, the Johto League for Johto, the Hoenn League for Hoenn, the Sinnoh League for Sinnoh and the Unova League for Unova. The Kanto Battle Frontier and tournament in the Whirl Islands are also associated with the Pokémon League.


The Pokémon League has gone on for many years. To start it, a runner must light a flame of Moltres or Ho-Oh to a lantern. To enter, a trainer must first get eight Gym Baddges from beating eight Gym Leaders and then win a Pokémon League Conference. They must then defeat the Elite Four and their Champion.