Officer Jenny (Japanese: ジュンサー Junsar, usually referred to as ジュンサーさん Junsar-san) is a police officer in all regions.


Jenny first appeared in Pokémon Emergency!, where she was investagating the work of the Team Rocket trio and temporarily mistook Ash Ketchum for one of the thieves. She then took him to the Pokémon Center and left him there while Nurse Joy treated his Pikachu, but later detected the Meowth Hot Air Balloon in the sky. By the time she arrived, the Center had been destroyed by Pikachu's ThunderShock. She then advised Joy not to worry about Ash, Misty and Pikachu in the Viridian Forest.

Officer Jennies are not one being. Instead, they are several police officers that work around the world. They also all use Growlithe as part of the K-9 squad. A young Jenny named Marble also appeared in Luxray Vision!.

A specific Officer Jenny also appeared in Here Comes the Squirtle Squad!, where she investagated the work of the Pokémon Gang the Squirtle Squad. At the end of the episode, she enlisted the squad as the town's firefighters. In The Fire-ring Squad, she competed in the Fire and Rescue Grand Prix with the squad and Ash returned his Squirtle to the Squirtle Squad. She also returned Squirtle to him in Love, Pokémon Style and later in Gathering the Gang of Four!.

In the Best Wishes series, Jenny recieves a new design and now uses Herdier and Swanna due to the fact that Growlithe aren't native to Unova.


On HandEdit

Pokémon Information
Growlithe are the most common species of Pokémon owned by Officer Jennies. They are part of a K-9 Squad. In the Best Wishes series, they are replaced by Herdier because Growlithe aren't native to Unova.
Officer Jenny's Growlithe
Pokémon Information
Swanna was used twice in the anime, the first in The Lost World of Gothitelle, where it tried to use Defog to clear the fog off Skyarrow Bridge, but failed.
Officer Jenny's Swanna
Pokémon Information
Herdier was first seen when Jenny attempted to clear out the Venipede from Castelia City and had trainers use Fire-type Pokémon.
Officer Jenny's Herdier


Pokémon Information
The Squirtle Squad were causing trouble across a town on Kanto Route 25. Jenny adopted them and they became firefighters. Their leader is Ash's Squirtle.
Squirtle Squad
Pokémon Information
Gastly was used by Jenny in Pikachu Re-Volts, where it is used to find Butch and Cassidy, as well as protecting Ash Ketchum from the controlled Pokémon. Gastly is kept outside of its Poké Ball.
Officer Jenny's Gastly
Pokémon Information
Spinarak was used by the Officer Jenny in Catallia City as a living testament to the one that had stopped The Black Arachnid.
Officer Jenny's Spinarak
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny in Wobbufett Village uses a Wobbufett to protect her village.
Officer Jenny's Wobbufett
Pokémon Information
This Jumpluff is used by a Jenny somewhere on route from Mahogany Town to Blackthorn City. It can sprinkle its spores in order to find footprints.
Officer Jenny's Jumpluff
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny uses a Pidgeot in a port between Kanto and Hoenn.
Officer Jenny's Pidgeot
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny used a Parasect in a village on the way to Petalburg City to protect it from a gang of Gulpin.
Officer Jenny's Parasect
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny used a Tangela to fight against a gang of Gulpin in a town on the way to Petalburg City.
Officer Jenny's Tangela
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny used a Meganium to fight a gang of Gulpin in a town on the way to Petalburg City.
Officer Jenny's Meganium
Pokémon Information
Arcanine was used by Officer Jenny to fight Pokémon Hunter J in Muting in the Bounty, and later in Luxray Vision, where Marble remembers they trapped a thief.
Officer Jenny's Arcanine
Pokémon Information
Stunky is one of Jenny's Pokémon in Eterna City. She used it to chase down Team Rocket during their attempt to steal the Adamant Orb from the Eterna Museum.
Officer Jenny's Stunky
Pokémon Information
Buddy is Wild Jenny's Chatot that she used to chase down the Team Rocket trio, and they have been a team for longer than Ash and Pikachu.
Pokémon Information
Officer Jenny used Duosion to help locate a so-called "Dream Thief".
Officer Jenny's Duosion


Pokémon Information
An Officer Jenny in Ever Grande City mentioned that she had a Blastoise and she attempted to use it against the Team Rocket trio, who were attempting to steal the sacred flame of Moltres. However, Nurse Joy stopped Jenny because Blastoise could accidently put out the fire.
Officer Jenny's Blastoise

In the gamesEdit

In Pokémon Yellow Version, Jenny is a police officer and after earning a Thunder Badge, she gives Red a Squirtle.