Ash Catches a Pokémon
Season 1 Indigo League, Episode 3
Air date Japan: April 15, 1997

US: September 10, 1998

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IL002: Pokémon Emergency!
IL004: Challenge of the Samurai
Ash Catches a Pokémon is the 3rd episode of the Indigo League season. It first aired in Japan on April 15, 1997 and in the US on September 10, 1998.

Episode SynopsisEdit

Ash, Pikachu and Misty have entered the Viridian Forest. Ash has spotted a Caterpie and thrown a Pokéball at it. Capturing it, Ash is overjoyed at his first catch. Misty, however, is scared of bugs and screams every time it comes near her. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is following them, ready for a fresh attempt at capturing Pikachu. Ash decides to capture another Pokémon, and manages to get a Pidgeotto. Can he, Misty, and his Pokémon fend off Team Rocket again?

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