Gary Oak is a Pokémon reasearcher and a former Pokémon Trainer, also Ash's main rival.


Gary and Ash used to be friends, but Gary became Ash's rival as a child when they broke an old Poké Ball and both wanted to become Pokémon Trainers. At the age of 10, Gary recieved a Squirtle from his grandfather, Professor Oak. He then had a cheerleading group follow him with a limosine. Eventually, Squirtle evolved into a Blastoise and Gary captured over 200 Pokémon.


They encountered each other several times, and Gary obtained 10 Gym Badges. He then challenged Giovanni at the Gym at Viridian City in The Battle of the Badge. At first, Gary was winning, using his Nidoking and Arcanine to wipe out Giovanni's Golem and Kingler, but then Giovanni unleashed Mewtwo on him and defeated them both. However, this defeat didn't change his arrogance.

He watched Ash beat Team Rocket in Showdown at the Poké-Corral, and later advanced to the Top 32 in the Pokémon League. However, he lost to a powerful Pokémon Trainer called Melissa and was forced to leave the Pokémon League. This also made him realize he needed to change himself. He returned in A Tent Situation, where he defeat Team Rocket's Pokémon with his Nidoqueen. He then had his first battle with Ash and won using his Eevee. He then leaves for the Johto region.


Gary rents a Hoothoot from Hagatha and makes his way through a forest, all the way to obtaining 8 more badges and entering the Johto League. His Eevee also evolves into an Umbreon and he enters the Silver Conference. He advances to the Top 16 in the Conference, and he used his Nidoqueen, Magmar, Arcanine, Scizor, Golem and Blastoise against Ash. However, Ash beat him when Charizard defeated Blastoise.

Gary then decided to give up on being a trainer and become a researcher instead. He gave Ash the Poké Ball, but when Gary left all his Pokémon but Blastoise at Professor Oak's Laboratory, Ash returned it to him and Gary left.

The Aerodactyl projectEdit

Gary joins Dora and Jared on Sayda Island on a new project: reviving extinct Pokémon. Gary infuses a fossilized Pokémon Egg with an Old Amber he found in Grampa Canyon, reviving an Aerodactyl. Professor Oak and Tracey arrive on Sayda Island and try to stop it from crossing the sea and wreaking havoc on the people in town. However, it is soon revealed it doesn't want to leave. Gary then uses his Umbreon and Dodrio to stop Butch and Cassidy from taking it.


Gary then gives the Aerodactyl to Crystal to take care of and moves to the Sinnoh region to uncover new Fossils. He then starts to work for Professor Rowan, creating a nature reserve to protect several Shieldon, but returns to Kanto in Home is Where the Start Is, where he battles Ash using his Electivire. Electivire then defeats Ash's Pikachu and Gary returns to Sinnoh.

In Ill-Will Hunting!, he meets up with Ash, Dawn and Brock and they help him protect the Shieldon from J. He later then finds Ash's Gligar in Fighting Fear With Fear! and helps him train. He later gives Ash a Razor Fang that later causes Gligar to evolve into Gliscor. He then leaves for Lake Valor to look for Azelf.

When J drops a Galactic Bomb onto Lake Valor, Gary uses Umbreon and Electivire to try to stop her, but they are defeated by Saturn. He later takes posession of the Adamant Orb and Lustorus Orb and promises to return them to Professor Carolina.


Since the very start of his own journey, Gary has shown exceptional skill as a Pokémon Trainer, catching and training an astonishing number and variety of strong Pokémon in a short period of time, losing battles very infrequently. However, since retiring as a Pokémon Trainer to become a researcher, it isn't known if he continues to catch new Pokémon often.

On HandEdit

Pokémon Information
Blastoise was the first Pokémon Gary obtained. He recieved it as a Squirtle from Professor Oak and it evolved into a Blastoise before the Silver Conference. However, it was defeated by Ash's Charizard.
Gary's Blastoise
Pokémon Information
It first appeared in OI035: The Rivalry Revival as an Eevee. It battled Ash's Pikachu and won. Prior to Power Play!, it evolved into Umbreon.
Gary's Umbreon
Pokémon Information
Electivire was caught prior to Home is where the Start Is, where it was captured by Team Rocket and freed by Gary when he told it to use Iron Tail where Thunderbolt was useless. It then battled Ash's Pikachu and won.
Gary's Electivire
Pokémon Information
Dodrio first appeared in Showdown at the Poké-Corral as a Doduo. For unknown reasons, Gary left it at Professor Oak's Laboratory and retrieved it prior to Putting the Air Back in Aerodactyl, it evolved into Dodrio and Gary used it to stop Butch and Cassidy from stealing an Aerodactyl.
Gary's Dodrio

At Professor Oak's LaboratoryEdit

Pokémon Information
Gary's Krabby first appeared in Mystery at the Lighthouse, where Professor Oak showed Ash that it was a Giant Pokémon, much bigger than Ash's Krabby.
Gary's Krabby
Pokémon Information
Nidoking first appeared in The Battle of the Badge, where it battled Giovanni's Golem and won with a Tackle attack. It was recalled when Giovanni sent out Kingler, but was sent out again to battle Mewtwo. Mewtwo defeated it with Psychic.
Gary's Nidoking
Pokémon Information
Arcanine first appeared in The Battle of the Badge, where Gary used it against Giovanni. It defeated Giovanni's Kingler, but was defeated by Mewtwo's Psychic.
Gary's Arcanine
Pokémon Information
Nidoqueen was first seen in A Tent Situation, where it defeated Jessie's Lickitung and James' Victreebel.
Gary's Nidoqueen
Pokémon Information
Magmar first appeared in The Ties That Bind, where it battled Ash's Heracross. Despite having a type advantage, it lost.
Gary's Magmar
Pokémon Information
Scizor first appeared in Can't Beat the Heat!, where it defeated Ash's Snorlax and Muk. However, it was defeated by Ash's Charizard.
Gary's Scizor
Pokémon Information
Golem first appeared in Can't Beat the Heat!, where Gary used it in the Silver Conference against Ash's Charizard. It was defeated by Charizard's Dragon Rage.
Gary's Golem
Pokémon Information
Alakazam was only seen on Gary's page that Ash was checking in JE153: The Ties That Bind.
Gary's Alakazam
Pokémon Information
Houndoom was only seen on Gary's page that Ash was checking in The Ties That Bind.
Gary's Houndoom
Pokémon Information
Pinsir was only seen on Gary's page that Ash was checking in The Ties That Bind.
Gary's Pinsir
Pokémon Information
Fearow was only seen on Gary's page that Ash was checking in The Ties That Bind.
Gary's Fearow
Pokémon Information
Kingra was only seen on Gary's page that Ash was checking in JE153: The Ties That Bind.
Gary's Kingdra
Pokémon Information
Skarmory was only seen on Gary's page that Ash was checking in The Ties That Bind.
Gary's Skarmory


Pokémon Information
Gary rented Hoothoot from Hagatha so he could navigate his way through a forest full of illusion-creating Ghost-type Pokémon in Illusion Confusion.
Hagatha's Hoothoot
Pokémon Information
In IL046: Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon, Gary found an Old Amber and used it to revive Aerodactyl by infusing it with a fossilized Pokémon Egg. However, Aerodactyl freaked out and ran amok on Sayda Island. Gary eventually gained Aerodactyl's trust by saving it from Butch at Cassidy with his Umbreon and Dodrio. He then gave it to Crystal to take care of.
Crystal's Aerodactyl
Pokémon Information
Gary looked after 4 Shieldon in Ill-Will Hunting, but lost one of them to Hunter J. He used Electivire to rescue it.
Gary's Shieldon (4x)

In the gamesEdit

Pokémon Yellow VersionEdit


Gary has a game counterpart, Blue. Like Gary, Blue is arrogant and is the rival of Red. He becomes the Champion, but loses to Red.

Pokémon Puzzle LeagueEdit

Gary also appears in Pokémon Puzzle League, where he is the first opponent faced. He uses a Nidoran♀, Krabby and Growlithe. He later becomes one of the Puzzle League Elite Four and uses Nidoqueen, Kingler and Arcanine. After Ash defeats him, he is not seen again. He is also playable with Nidoran♀, Growlithe and Krabby.